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“We are committed to delivering quality services to our clients through expertise and innovation. Our goal is to secure long-term contracts and build valuable relationships with Federal, State, and Local government; and private sector. Our reputation embodies honesty and good faith.”

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STS-MAAG | 1050 Conn. Ave. NW Suite 5 | Washington, DC 20036 | P: 301-598-3435 F: 301-598-3543 |


Over 40 years of experience stabilizing markets and disposing of ORE (Owned Real Estate) to remit the highest possible net return. We are experts in loan servicing & mortgage endorsing; developing, implementing, and administering training programs to the local, state, and federal government and private sector.


Real Estate Management, Loan Servicing, Mortgage Insurance Endorsing,  Asset Management, Marketing and Outreach, Disseminatio

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